Fencai Hat Stand

Started by kardinalisimo, Mar 26, 2016, 07:11:02

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Any help with the age? I guess no chance to guess the mark on the bottom?
I don't know if I got the text right but if I did, I don't understand it
???? ?



Looks 1900-1920 to me

somewhere in the republic timeframe



Probably republic period. That it was converted to a vase might explain why the characters are in such good shape. No one touches lamps in that place.


It was a lamp but I took it apart.
Thanks for the correct order of the characters. Searching with ???? brings a lot of results of porcelain bearing the inscription. What exactly is the phrase supposed to mean? Something from an old novel?


Ok, I got it. The peony symbolism.
"May you be wealthy and prestigious with the top official rank".