Does anybody recognize the mark in this huge porcelain chinese couple

Started by hoogenbosch67, Mar 25, 2016, 06:03:08

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Both height 54cm and width 27cm weight 6,4 and 7,1 kg.

There is a mark but hardly to recognize

What age do you expect

greetings Jan



Extra mark and bottom


I cannot help with this, I'm afraid. The only that I can say is that it probably is a few decades old, but never saw such a strange bottom. You should try to find out what these were used for, then it might be easier to find who might have made them.


Hello Peter,

I continued the investigation and found out that these sculptures (or figurines) are from Shiwan (China). See link for more info

They are indeed only some centuries old (2nd half 20th century) 1960-1970. But interesting is that these sculptures were used in Qing dynastie as decoration on the roof of a temple. That explains possibly also the strange bottom so they stand on a wooden stick. (see first picture link)

Greetings Jan


You probably mean a few decades not centuries... Yes, that is what I thought, only that the roof figurines I have seen did not have have such a bottom, and they were probably quite older than these. Roof figurines are usually part of a tile, or stuck unto one with something like plaster.
But for complex setups on walls, etc., I imagine that there are other methods to fix them. What you see in that picture, though seems to be a wall decoration. It is not clear whether or not this is ON the roof, but I doubt this is a typical temple roof. Temple roofs are tiled and fairly high, and not flat. I see no roof tiles above, but it could be an upper storey decoration, so one does not see what is behind it.