Another Qing (?) tea cup

Started by Bok, Mar 21, 2016, 11:41:46

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From the same day of hunting, another tea cup.
I have seen similar cups from Taiwan, all labeled as Qing tea cups.

Signs of wear, age etc. seem to be genuine to my yet untrained eye?
Hoping for input of the more knowledgeable among you!

Many thanks!


Maybe worth mentioning, the cup was in a basket full of other different and/or similar ones. This one however stood out as the wear and colours were different than the rest of the bunch. Some of them looked clearly fake next to this one.

Well, what do I know?


Colour of the blue reminds me of my inkpen back in school, a sort of ?Pelican? blue (for the north European ones among you that might paint a vivid picture)


Pelican blue, yes you could say that. The Chinese here call it Yanglan ??, meaning western blue. Imported from the late Qing dynasty and possibly chemical or semi-chemical pigments as opposed to the older mineral pigments. The difference is that it has a more or less faint tint of red in it, making it look a bit like purple, but more on the blue side.
Late Qing or early republic. Difficult to tell with that type of unglazed bottom.