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Started by kardinalisimo, Mar 17, 2016, 05:05:34

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Nice details but I am a bit suspicious is this is Late Qing/Republic or more recent.
Any thoughts?


Hi Kardinalisimo, It is a nice looking vase, but have you ever seen faces like that before on traditional porcelain, I think it might be 20th century 2nd half in my view.


Colors, shape, mark all are not right. As Stan said late 20th century, probably.

You can refute this by the mark alone. My advice is never to buy items with a six character Kangxi mark. Most Kangxi items never had reign marks. Those that would be are likely imperial porcelain. There is quite a difference in quality between those and average porcelain.


Thanks for the replies. I am just not used to see good quality late 20th C. pieces.
As to the mark, are not there late Qing and Republic ware that have marks from previous periods?


Late Qing Kangxi marks are found mainly on export porcelain made in the Guangxu reign. They are four character marks.