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Started by Bok, Feb 26, 2016, 16:38:49

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Hello all,

First a quick introduction: I am a new member of this forum. I am a tea enthousiast living in Taiwan at the moment.
Through tea I came to appreciate the associated teaware. I like old things which is why I came to browse the local markets for nice things to complete my tea setting.

I would like to ask the more knowledgeable among you for their oppinion on a few items I bought at an antiquities market in Taipei.

They do look old to me, and the seller told me they were Qing dynasty, which sounds about right to me.
Price was pretty reasonable if I compare it to similar items of modern make.

I will post a few more in subsequent posts.
First is a jar which I intend to use for tea storage.
I was intrigued by the rather unusual shape compared to other more common jars I?ve seen so far.


Second is a set of cup with blue underglaze, two are matching with a bird couple another a dragon it.
Unglazed feet without any stamps.


A detail of the unglazed feet


Third items are more special: They have a more rarely seen red glazing. The seller told me those were Ming (but my guess is they are Qing as well) and that the glaze was copper.


A shot of the interior of the cups


The cups show decorations popular at the end of the Ming dynasty and during the transitional period Ming to Qing. However, the bottom of the underglaze blue ones could also be Japanese. If they are Chinese, then probably vintage. The colors are not true in these images, but are a bit too dark to recognize the actual colors.


Interesting and also, thank you for the reply!

When I was doing some research on google I saw modern cups on a Chinese website, which were almost exact copies of the blue cups with the birds in shape and decorations, only difference was stronger colours and fully white glazed.