Dehua Statue, Blanc de Chine Kwan Yin

Started by heavenguy, Feb 21, 2016, 06:09:56

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Hello guys, I bought three nice Blanc de Chine statues. I'm going to post all three if you don't mind in separate posts.

The first one is a sitting Kwan yin statue. Its around 11 inches approx.

It has very nice detail and the actual color is sort of a creamy pale white. It also shows like yellowish stains around the figurine probably under the glaze.  The inside of the figure and the unglazed parts are made of white fine porcelain and you can see like finger imprints inside.

I know that the first mark is Dehua but I don't know what the second mark means.

I'm not sure about the dust inside. is it normal? It has some cracks probably from the kiln.

Any idea on the age and any other useful information?

Thank you for your time.


Sorry I forgot this one only has one mark. I attached the photo of it.

Thank you



Could be more recent. Just yesterday I saw a group of such figurines on Ebay, all offered by a seller from Shanghai. All showing the same type of figurine, with elaborate decoration. But unless yours those had signs of age faking. The old, all hand-made ones don't usually look like this inside.