Kutani Vase age

Started by heavenguy, Feb 13, 2016, 04:21:15

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hello, I also got this Kutani vase I bought today.

If I'm not mistaken the red ink on the bottom reads, "Kutani Gyokuzan"??? Maybe he is a different Gyokuzan from the Satsumas.

Also it has a blind mark near the foot rim can't read that one.

Anyone thins this is a early 20th century or maybe mid-century.

thank you in advance.


more pics


blind mark


Is this earthenware or porcelain, the satsuma earthenware has an ivory color to the crackle glaze, this appears to be white and the gold clouds look like they were sprayed on, this looks like it is more recently made, maybe a few decades at the most, I can't see any age from these photo's.