Republic Period vases???

Started by heavenguy, Mar 27, 2016, 01:53:30

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Hello and I need some help with this vase.

I bought this couple of vases  for really cheap in an estate sale. they are both around 14 inches tall.

i only took a picture of one but they are basically the same scenery and people but the image is flip on the other vase. I see that it has one apocryphal qianlong mark and the China stamp is very visible. I have my doubts that this could be Republic period.

And what is that top red stamp on the top.

Thank you in advance.


more pics


This mark is on the top of the vase. is it some type of manufacturing stamp???

thank you


First I would mention that you should be clear what "republic" period means. It is not the same in China and in Taiwan. China is not a republic despite its English name. In Taiwan the republic is still alive. This can include more than sixty years of difference. See "Current year notation" under Chinese Calendar on the site. However, most people think of the China version.

This vase is perhaps two or three decades old, or newer, in my opinion. You should NOT judge possible age by the fact that it is handmade, and has a Chinese motif.  Porcelain is still hand-painted today in Jingdezhen, and old motifs are easily copied. The whole glaze looks too fresh, as if it was recently made.


Thank you very much!!! I learn something new every time I ask something in this forum and for that i'm very grateful. thank you once again.