Yellow ginger jar

Started by heavenguy, Mar 20, 2016, 02:33:53

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Hello guys,

I found this yellow ginger jar with flowers. under the paint it has some pattern design. I never seen this before so its probably recent. Problem is that the antique owner said that this piece hasn't sold for over 30 years so its at least 30 years older.

Any ideas on the age of this piece.


more pics

it also has a blue glazed bottom. I'm not sure if I'm imagining things but also it has like some black letters under the glaze??? Does it say 33. I'm pretty sure I clean it very well but its only seen under the camera.

ay information provided will be of much help


This is a sgraffito decoration (see site glossary). Overall the shape looks more like a Japanese shape and, I got the impression that this all is a more recent decoration covering a body that might be older.


Thank you very much, Peterp

That helps a lot.