Canton Rose Medallion Export Vase Lamp.

Started by Hmm, Mar 17, 2016, 10:27:03

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Hi, I probably should be able to figure this out, but is this piece actually old?

Enamels are raised.  The porcelain isn't very white, more of a greyish tone.  It's a bit "lumpy" as well.  Should be late 19th early 20th?



Im afraid that this is late 20th century in my opinion, I just got back from an antique show and there was a lot of Rose Medallion porcelain, I could have bought a set of 20 pieces and it looked old to me at first but then I looked at the bottom, it was marked " Made in China", they started marking that way in the 20's and are still marking pieces the same way, some of the new rose medallion porcelain coming out of China these days looks like 19th century, be carful, when you buy it.


Hmm.  I was also thinking the same thing about famille rose export as well.  Just the other day I saw a few of these pieces on ebay.  I don't know what to think about them.  They say "made in China" on them, so I assumed they had to be made after 1920, despite what the seller said, but some of the backs looked a bit older. 





The seller had tons more.  Is this what you mean?


These are pretty good examples, they look almost identical to the set of 20 pieces I could have bought at the show, several large platters and tureens, plates, all for $120.00 with the same Made in China mark, at first I thought it could have been added later, but with close observation I could tell it was fired in the porcelain, the bottoms looked identical to the ones you showed from E-bay, so Im pretty sure 20th century and maybe later, I noticed on the ones at the show there was no age signs, no rust spots, and hardly any scratches.