Is this cracked steaming plate Qianlong?

Started by Hmm, Dec 27, 2015, 05:50:49

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I got it for pretty cheap so I can use it for a tea boat.  But would like to know if it's as old as the seller stated it was.  Thanks. 


This would have been used for a large platter, it would sit inside the platter and used to draining the juice from the meat, like a turkey or any kind of meat, I think it is later though 1850 or so.


Oh, that's interesting.  Looks like I'm going to be using it for the exact same purposes then, although to allow waste water/tea to drip through to an underneath bowl while making tea.  I think it will serve that purpose nicely. 

Was this solely an export piece, or could it also be for the domestic market? 



As far as I know it is export only, I see them mostly on Canton blue ware, this would have ben a set to a large platter with the same pattern, I believe the time frame would be from the late 18th century to mid 19th century,


I would not recommend using it. Seems to have been severely broken into pieces. This does not look like a professional restoration.  The glue used to stick it together may not be able to endure warmth or the weight, or just lose its strength over time, and it may be toxic.