large blue and white fish bowl.

Started by Stan, Dec 17, 2015, 14:50:26

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Hi Peter, this is a very large and heavy fish bowl, it weighs 64 Lbs and was hand turned, it is circular inside and octagon on the out side, the blue is a blue blue and the bottom had rings from the wheel as well and chatter marks, you can see the hand turning marks on the inside then they must have molded the eight sided corners, the blue looks hazy the eye, not the camera, there is crazing in the glaze in some areas not all over, it looks like it has age, from the rust spots in the blue and on the white ground, it stands 53.34 cm tall, please let me know what you think about age.


Here are more photo's.


Here are the last set of photo's.


Hi Stan,
I have never seen such a shape. I do not know if this could be from the Qing dynasty, but the dragon, claws and tail tip, resemble those of the late Qing dynasty. I doubt that the item is from the Wanli reign, as the mark indicates. My personal view.


Hi Peter, Thank you for your comments, I found one on christies with the exact same shape that is 19th century, it is under Large famille verte hexagonal fish bowl, however the picture they have clearly shows 8 sides, not 6 sided, their mistake, I agree 19th century on the late side, I think based on the bottom having potters wheel marks and the chatter marks at the same time leaves me to believe it to be late 19th century, have you found out anything concerning the chatter marks yet? also note the wide blue band with horses and design, have you ever seen this design before, I have two other large b/w Jars with this design, all drawn differently but I can't find anything with this design, that could pin point the age more accurately I think, thanks again Peter, PS all these came from the same collector and all three pieces have a Wanli reign mark.