Early PRC or Late Republic Hat Stand Vase?

Started by Hmm, Dec 02, 2015, 03:07:43

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Hi, any opinions on the period of this hat stand vase? 



This looks like a modern copy. The lines appear to be printed, the filling could be hand painted.
The flat foot rim shows that it is 20th century and the base has no age signs.


I just took a better photo of the vase flower pattern.  It looks like the outlines are painted and not printed, but perhaps my eyes aren't good enough to know the difference yet.  Can you check again? 


I actually have two of these.  Since both of the vases patterns aren't exact replicas, can I assume it's not printed? 



Yes, looks indeed more like hand painting in the closeup. However, the geometric pattern along the top and bottom rim is clearly not painted by hand. It is either transfer printed or drawn with the help of tools. This and the hue of blue used, and before all the bottomand foot rim, still make it 20th century. In my view second half. It looks like the many items we see, made in the recent few decades. If you want to collect antiques, I would recommend avoiding items with this type of rim decoration, I mean the style it is executed, not the pattern itself.