You guys think this is an antique Imari piece?

Started by heavenguy, Nov 23, 2015, 07:55:11

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Hey guys

any idea if this is a real Imari antique piece or just a modern repro.

It has all the age signs common I'm used to see but I'm not sure about the colors...

Any idea plz let me know..


My first impression is that it looks ok, maybe from the late Meiji period. Could you show a closeup photo of the footrim?


Hey Mat,

tnx for the reply,

Here is a few pics from different angles... I have a medium zoom lens so I think is time to invest in a macro lens. Anywayz, I had my doubts because the way the dragons are painted and the colors seemed a little strong as the ones I have seen in person for some Imari porcelain I have. But I guess colors really do vary in color intensity...


Thank you for the extra photos, they look right in my opinion. In the Meiji period, Japanese started to use chemical colours imported from western countries, I think that explains the stronger colours...


Thank you Mat. That helps a lot.

Tnx for replying to both of my messages.