Guangxu vase with bats

Started by Teunis van Eijk, Nov 05, 2015, 16:32:09

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Teunis van Eijk

Hello there,

I have found another vase and would like to hear your expert opinion on this piece.
Can it be from the period?

The footrim and the colours look okay to me. But is the gold okay?


Teunis van Eijk

a close up picture from the rim


Stan will be able to judge better. He owns an authenticated one, I think.


From what I can see it looks good, Guangxu mark and period, but to be sure, you need to get a hands on inspection at one of the high auction houses, if authentic it could worth a lot of money, unfortunately these are being reproduced in large quantity and the newer ones look just as good as the old ones, even the experts are having a hard time telling them apart.