Large Chinese porcelain Blue and White vase.

Started by Stan, Oct 30, 2015, 09:01:54

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Hi Peter, here is a very large porcelain vase, it is 41.1 cm tall and 36.1 cm wide at its widest point, sorry for the dark pictures but if I make them brighter then it distorts the blue color, this is the same blue as my Qianlong platter that I posted, the white and the blue are identical, there are lots of age signs, rust spots dimples and glaze loss and cracks in the porcelain from when it was fired, there are also like pin hole marks around the decoration indicating that it was laid out with pin holes before painting, please let me know what you think for age, I am not familiar with this decoration, I will post 12 photo's for viewing, thanks for you expertise.


Here are more photo's to view.


Here are the last set of photo's to view, thanks.


Hi Stan,
In my view the blue color is not right for the period. With a Wanli mark it would be late Ming. You should be able to find the right colors on a lot of items from this period (late Ming) if you look for "kraak porcelain". 
I have also reservations regarding the fish decoration. There are not many of these, it seems, but the fish on those I know are painted differently; not that realistic. The shoulder decoration is also unknown to me, but it is not shown fully here.  However,I do not know any blue and white jars with this shape. There are monochrome jars with this shape, though. You will have to research that. The whole base does not look like any of the late Ming jars I have handled or owned.


I think it would be a later production, the "checker" pattern on the shoulder is in export ware style, which contradict with the mark, since I haven't seen a imperial piece in export ware style.

Also, the reflection of this vase is quite new to me, for a heavy potted, large vase in Ming dynasty, the reflection should be duller.

For the motifs drawn on the vase, in 4.jpg, I haven't seen fish like this before


Hi Peter, and Connoissrurbear, sorry about the blue color, it is much to bright than what is actually on the vase, I took these photo's under florescent lighting and surprisingly the blue looks closer, but the white is not correct, the fist photo's show the white correctly I was thinking possibly Qianlong the way the decoration is marked first with a prick mark and the drawn. I did not think it was ming, the porcelain seems to have a hint of red to the unglazed surface.