Strange little vase

Started by quintenf, Sep 30, 2015, 17:36:07

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A while ago I bought the ebook from Peter Pfister. Yesterday I bought this little vase for 1 euro because the design looked very strange. With my knowledge from the ebook so far, I think it's probably not chinese, but maybe someone can tell me something more about this object. Currently I believe it's just some kind of souvenir.


This is not Chinese, It was made in a mould and looks European.


Wherever this was made, there are no traditional Chinese jars with such a mouth shape. Although there were some jars with a wave-shaped mouth, some 800 ago, blue and white porcelain decorations did not yet exist at the time.


Thanks for the replies. I also thought that indeed the shapes where nog used in chinese porcelain. Is it also possible to say something about the age of this item? For example does the fact that it is molted say that it is made recently? Because if it possible is antique I need to do some further research to see where it comes from. Otherwise it's just worthless.


It looks fairly new to me 20 years at the most in my opinion.