Chinese porcelain charger

Started by Teunis van Eijk, Sep 25, 2015, 17:24:15

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Teunis van Eijk

Good day,

I bought a large Ming style chinese porcelair charger with craquele and dragons. Diameter 59 cm.
It has a six character mark of the Jiajing ( Chia-ching) period.

Can someone put a date to this?

Best regards,
Teunis van Eijk


I do not know the exact aging of this charger but I think it is a poor imitation of the jiajing wares.

1. the cloud scrolls near the mouth rim is badly drawn, more like the decorative style from private kiln

2. the arms of two dragons in pic3 are cropped by the foot rim, I havent seen decorative style like this and I think it is unusual


The images are too small to see any details clearly, but I also think this is a fake.
- The blue color is wrong, in my opinion. There was no such tone of blue in that period.
- The glaze looks wrong. It looks as if there were many fine crackles in it, is that so? The pictures are too small to be sure.
- The claws of the dragon look odd.
Again, the images do not have enough resolution, but the base itself and foot rim do not seem to be of the Jiajing period, or the  dynasty at all. My personal view.

Hope you did not pay too much for that. I would suggest looking at museum items for the right colors and base.

Teunis van Eijk

Thanks for your answer.

I paid ? 200,- for it so not too much.

Best regards,
Teunis van Eijk