Should I buy or pass on this???

Started by Ray131, Jun 25, 2015, 23:48:31

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Hello, Im new to collecting Chinese porcelain. I have the opportunity to purchase this covered jars, wanted to know if they are real or fakes, approximate age and what value would they have,  thanks so much!!


Thank Stan,  Since Im new to his collecting, what makes is look fake so I understand what to look for?


First of all the dirty bottoms, they added the dirt to give the appearance of age and the second is the bottom of the one that looks like part of the glaze has been removed, I have never seen one like that, the photo's are to small to really judge the design, but with what I see on the bottoms is convincing to me that they are fakes.


In addition to what Stan mentioned, the deer are too realistic. Such realistic painting started in China not before the 20th century. I advise looking at some deer-decorated porcelain to learn their painting style.