unmark very large painted 8 immortals charger

Started by erwanto, May 22, 2015, 02:02:07

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Hello Peter,

Just bought this piece  from another collector. it's a big charger around 51 cm.  The charger bended slightly, I think due to aging. Painted beautifully with 8 immortals. If it is a genuine antique, I would think this is from Qing period. But you know better on this subject.

Thank you in advance,



I would give it about twenty years at the most. The decoration does not correspond to traditional styles.


Nice decorative Charger, even though its not all that old, the size makes it a bit unusual, I think I would have bought that to if I had been for sale here.


Thank you Stan,

my family has the same opinion like you. they don't understand about Chinese porcelain. but they like this charger. it's mainly because of the decoration.