Can someone please help me to identify this piece!

Started by Candace, May 04, 2015, 21:20:18

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I am having trouble finding anything that resembles this teapot. I'm not even sure of the technique, glaze underglaze overglaze. If someone can help direct me where to start I would so appreciate it. Thank you!!  Candace


I'm afraid what you have is a modern fake.
It has a Qianlong mark, the mark most used on fakes and 20th century new items.
The pot shows clear signs of age faking, like making it looking dirty, damaged, etc. all too obvious.


Thank you very much for the information. I have been looking on line for weeks at tons of different sites with no luck. I'm glad I finally found this sight, it's awesome. Maybe next time I won't need to rack my brain trying to figure it out.  Thanks again, Candace.


You can ask here before you buy, if you wish.
But in this case you should post the pictures elsewhere (e.g. on Photobucket, Dropbox) and post the links to these instead. That way we have no problems with third party images.

T. Chan

Yes its a modern fake. But that kind of design first appear in Yongle reign...