Japanese blue and white dish

Started by Stan, May 03, 2015, 03:42:52

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Here is another Japanese blue and white dish, this is 15.2 cm long and 12 cm wide, I believe the mark means Gold Imari but I am not sure, this looks old and I think it came from the same shipwreck off the cost of Japan, it clearly has the #32, I am trying to figure out how old it is any help would be appreciated, thanks.


Here is the last set of photo's, thanks for viewing.


It has the character ? as in ?? (Arita).
Looks as if it is printed, partially.


Under a loop it is more clear that it is hand painted, I thought the same think when I first looked at it, but you can see where the tool used to draw skipped and started again there are light to darker areas also the white ground is very thick the bubbles in the glaze make it hard to see the blue clearly.