Small tea set

Started by Hans_TH, Apr 27, 2015, 13:41:20

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Not sure what this is, Chinese or Japanese.
It's quite small, the cup is 3x4 cm. I also think that one or two cups are missing. But it looks old.
Any info would be appreciated.


I think these are fairly new, inside the teapot how many holes are there? the ones that I have been seeing like yours have about 15 or 16 holes inside where the inside spout is.


Mine has just one hole. The tea pot is so small - there's no room for more than one hole.


The ones I was looking at are much larger, but they are shaped the same and same decoration.


It is probably Chinese, it has some auspicious Chinesecharacters, but seems to be quite new and transfer printed. Probably, the filling color is the only thing that is hand-painted. The cup shape is modern.