I need help identifying this piece please :)

Started by Leroynaggins, Apr 25, 2015, 01:30:51

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Hello I need help identifying this . It seems there was Chinese writing on bottom
Thanks everybody


For me it looks more like a modern Japanese version of a Bottle Gourd because of the way the marks are printed. Also, it has a matching cup that resembles a sake cup that makes me suspicious that this piece is Japanese. You can try and google "Japanese ceramic marks" to try and look for the closest resembled marks to your piece. The angle makes hard to read the signs. Usually Japanese marks have only two symbols in their marks.

The Chinese Version are called Hulu and usually are not marked like that.

That is my best guess... Good luck


The marks are well centered, the Japanese were not as careful as the Chinese in centering their marks and the Chinese used two characters as well as the Japanese, I can't make out the marks though, I have never seen a double gourd vase with a lid before maybe your right Heavenguy maybe it is Japanese.


I used to collect some Japanese ceramic, Sake sets, and Satsuma pottery but I got rid of my collection. Almost half of my collection was from the Meiji period. For some reason they got very lazy at centering stuff after that, especially with more modern stuff. You are right on the centering stuff because I even got a piece with the stamp on the bottom rim base but that mark was from a more modern piece.

Most of the time the pieces I used to look for had the stamp painted, but this piece looks like it has the mark impressed into the porcelain. That is very common with Japanese porcelain especially with modern pieces. I don't know if this is a modern reproduction of an older piece or simply a modern piece. 

The base looks a little bit old and/or in rough shape but the lid looks very new to me. That can mean many things... but beats me, Lol. It kinds of looks like a Frankoma piece too!!! They also like to impress their markings too.
I hope Peterp can help on this one.


I don't think this is very old. A few decades perhaps. The mark is unclear. Did the cup come with it? I agree that it could be a tokuri (a liquor container). If there are signs that the top has been sealed originally, it could even be a liquor bottle. Some liquor manufacturers sell the stuff in real porcelain items even today. There are kilns specialized on this type of porcelain.


Here in the West old liquor bottles are quite valuable, but then here they were made out of glass.


Thanks everyone for responding. Yes the cup came with the piece. And the lid is actually just a cork . I'm just very curious to who made this and what period. Again, thank you everyone. I am new to this forum and you guys are great.