Chinese Blue and white lidded jar

Started by Stan, Apr 06, 2015, 20:56:19

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Hi Peter, this is the last piece of a group of blue and white porcelain that I bought at the auction, the blue is under the glaze and through a loop there is bubbles in the glaze the bottom was painted brown and the bottom side was shaved also the unglazed areas on the lid and jar are also painted brown, there is a small area on the bottom that was glazed with a double blue circle, the porcelain feels a little rough on the unglazed areas, and there are no age spots other than a few rust spots, It is all hand painted and hand drawn, could you tell me how old do you thing it is, my feeling is that it is 2nd half of the 20th century but I am not sure, the quality is top notch I think a very skilled painter, not like the other vase, I will will post 8 photo's to view, thanks. P.S the photo in 2.JPG is the right blue color there is no purple in the blue.


Here is the last set of photo's to view, thanks again for your expertise.


I think this is most likely modern. Antique items with a lid like this are usually quite small. The glaze is too white. It uses what seems to be 20th century blue pigment. All unglazed parts show age faking. Yes, the brown color was added artificially.
I have some reservations about the subject and style of painting too, but would rather not elaborate on this.

Most fish decorations are from a specific, very early period, and the fish usually look different.