A pair of large statues.

Started by Stan, Apr 03, 2015, 04:20:42

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Hi Peter, here I have a pair of statues, they are 45.1 cm tall, I think that they are stone ware not porcelain but the detail is very good, can you tell me what is written on the sides of both statues and how old do you think they are, I will include 12 photo's for viewing, thanks.


Here are more photo's to view.


Here are the last of the photo's for viewing, thanks.


With both the scratched artisan's name is Huo En-hua.
Scratched below is Sun Moon God.
The make figurine has the character Sun, the female Moon.

I wood guess these are temple figurines, possibly Jiaozhi (Koji in Japanese). Not sure where made, but could be from Taiwan. Hardly more than a couple of decades old, I would think.


Thanks Peter, I thought they would be a little older, I think I paid to much again.