Celadon gray blue underglaze vase

Started by hoogenbosch67, Mar 20, 2015, 01:07:38

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Am I correct:
Celadon gray blue underglaze baluster vase with foo dog handles.

Strange decoration (pagode, temple, flowerbowl??)

Little rustspots, little cracks, iron oxidation on bottom.

Guangxu period (expected 1850-1899).

Thanks for your reply and extra information


Hi Hoogenbosch, I think your vase is a later creation, the bright cobalt blue was not used in the Guangxu period, Im pretty sure though that it was used in the republic period, all the age signs you mention can be reduplicated in new porcelain, I do not think yours is new though.


What Stan says is true. Usually the underglaze blue on such celadon vases is darker, and it is blue and white, meaning that the blue decoration is on a white background, which in turn is embedded in the celadon.
If you check the picture on page 13 in the ebook you will see how this BW on celadon normally looks like. When the blue is directly under the celadon, the blue appears normally darker. On page 32 you see the inside of the mouth.
As you can see there are brown spots and pitting, both on the inside and outside. There need not be that many, but if there are none at all or very few, especially inside, it is likely later. These vases usually have all clear age signs.

The main decoration gives the impression of a Chinese house altar, without the vases and censer, etc.