Eight immortals vase: Please help identify

Started by Kellycfa, Mar 18, 2015, 15:11:57

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This is another piece discovered while clearing my grandpa's attic recently, was told depicting the eight immortals of Chinese folklore
Most grateful for anybody's help to estimate period of manufacture.

Thanks again.
Have a look:


Hi, this vase is also a modern fake of Yuan porcelain. Both glaze and blue pigments used are not correct for the period. I would suggest that you try to pull up website images showing the Yuan items in the museum in Istanbul and the few in Europe. The museum in Istanbul is the place that even researchers from China have to go, when they want to see quantities of larger Yuan porcelain. China has left only a few. The museum in Istanbul has the largest collection, mainly because Yuan porcelain was collected by some Sultans.


Thanks for your detailed reply.
So os this a 21st or 20th century production?
Interesting to note that you think it is a yuan piece.
I will be most grateful if you can share how did you conclude that the vase was an attempt at a yuan piece?

I was also told that the bold individual sheaths of leaf at the top or bottom of vases are reminiscent of ming period styles.
Would certainly welcome your huidance here again.


I do not think it is a Yuan piece, I think it is a modern fake that tries to look like a Yuan piece.
If it were possible to explain in a few words what and why, and every novice would understand it, then there would be no need for books, or this site.


Thanks for your shrift attempt.
Please dont get me wrong here:
Not asking you to write a book or encyclopedia here to provide the full explanation.
In my humble opinion:
Well perhaps you could possibly provide for a start some of the specific key features in your analysis that point to you concluding that first it tries to be a fake and second it tries to be a fake yuan piece as i pointed out: an attempt to be a yuan piece