Two Rice grain bowls

Started by Stan, Feb 13, 2015, 10:10:28

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Hi Peter, I just picked up these two bowls that was on consignment at an antique shop, the dealer said the woman that consigned it to him said these have been in her family for at least 60 years that  she can remember, they belonged to her grandmother, I bought them because of the quality, these are top notch quality, I have not seen anything of the rice grain pattern as nice, they are 17.8 cm wide and 3.2 cm tall, the have a Kangxi six character mark, but am not sure how old they are, they look old, and they are hand painted and hand drawn, the mark is undergalze blue as all the blue in the bowls, underglaze that is, the red and greens are on top of the glaze and flat to the touch, the only raised enamel is the yellowish greek band the goes around the inside plate, I will post 12 photo's for your viewing, thanks.


Here are more photo's to view.


Here are the last set of photo's to view, thanks for viewing.


Hi Stan,
Judging by the bottom and decoration it is most likely 19th century, or late Qing dynasty, in my view. This is one of the older ones, but the Kangxi mark would be apocryphal.
As far as I know the rice grain pattern became popular during the Qianlong reign; the tip of the dragon's tail and shape of the foot rim point to a later time, though.


Thanks Peter, that would explain the lack of rust spots, I thought maybe a more purer kaolin, but the  later would also explain the lack of scratches, thanks again.