Big Ginger Jar with a Lively Scene Please Help Me Understand What I Found

Started by Noreen Sullivan, Feb 08, 2015, 09:15:24

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Noreen Sullivan


This seems like a great forum. I love beautiful things and go to many estate sales but I do not know much about Chinese Porcelain. This morning we went to a sale and it was the half price day and this ginger jar seemed interesting so I bought it. I was trying to learn about it when I found your website. You have put together a lot of great information and I appreciate it.
The Ginger Jar is 18 and 1/2 inches  tall from the top of the lion to the base.  It has a lot of people and is decorated all around. There is a pagoda, what seems to be a young girl in a wheel chair, a person having a hard time with a horse and several other people getting together. The colors are lovely and there are what look like peaches on the neck of the jar. The outside is in very good condition. There is wear on the bottom and on the inside and at the lip of the vase. It is a beautiful object to enjoy but it would be nice to know more.  Thank you.

Noreen Sullivan

The glaze along the bottom pattern has crazing and signs of age. And some places look more worn than others but it is hard to tell with these photos. I am not sure how to do this right.
Thank you again for taking a look.


Hi Noreen, normally a photo of the bottom would be needed, but I think the decoration alone can date this to the late 20th century, the colors are much to bright, that is my opinion.

Noreen Sullivan

Thanks Stan. I had left a note for the people who had the estate sale. The old woman called me and said she has the receipt and it was purchased in Hong Kong in 1929. She is going to mail me the receipt. It is mostly in Chinese. Also my phone is an iphone 6 and has a color filter. The pics look much brighter than in in person. Thanks for your opinion. I mostly buy jewelry and modernist furniture so I do not know. I will keep on trying. Have a wonderful day.


Hi Noreen, sometimes it is very difficult to capture the correct colors, I took some photo's the other day, on a cloudy day and the blue colors were not the same as what was on the vase that I took the pictures of, I had to wait until I had a nice day in natural sun light to finally get photos that were the same blue, the bright greens and the blue color in your photos I do not think existed in 1929, I could be wrong, I am still learning about what colors were used in different times, lets see what Peter says.


I think the receipt must have been for something else. This shows typical signs of the 20th century, and possibly of the second half, but I would suggest you upload more pictures, if you want to know more details. More closeup pictures of the people, a good one of the bottom, etc.  The posture and positioning of people and background objects all point to something more recent.