Chinese blue and white tea pot

Started by Stan, Oct 13, 2023, 08:37:40

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Hi Peter, What do you think of this Tea Pot, I do not see a seam on the inside or outside, could you tell me of it is late Qing older or a fake, Also there is writing on one side, can you read it, thanks.


Here are the last 4 photo's, thanks for viewing.


Hi Stan,
Not sure if the two part manufacturing method would have been used for teapots. Usually this was used with "standing" items, meaning things like vases, high jars, bottles, etc.
But, during the Qing dynasty this way of manufacturing was discontinued - not sure when exactly. Before that the traces were removed cleanly with some items.
I think this would be late Qing, Guangxu reign, very roughly painted, even the writing is not readable. Not sure if it could be from Dehua kiln, the blue is slightly different from their typical blue, but possibly not made in Jingdezhen.
Is there a single hole inside where the spout is connected?


Thanks Peter for your expertise, their is a single hole for the down spout, I took posted a picture but it did not turn out so good, thanks again.