Japanese Vase, Kutani "Yoshidaya " maybe.

Started by Stan, Oct 03, 2023, 03:54:21

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Hi Peter, and all, Here is a vase I just received to my collection, I won it at an auction and they labeled it as a Chinese vase, so good for me none of the Japanese buyers were their, the serious Chinese buyers will not bid on Japanese Items, so I feel I got a good deal, there is no damage or repairs other than a hair line on the bottom that looks like a firing flaw, the vase is 38.1 cm tall and has a Fuku mark on the bottom, It is Kutani by Yoshidaya, I believe this would date to 1850 or so, your thought are always appreciated.


Here are 4 more photo's to view, thanks.


Indeed typical Japanese, Stan. There are only two things that might make anyone think it is Chinese, the mark is one, the other the motif of the landscape, with mountains, water and a bridge with someone crossing it. The style coloration, and everything else is typical Japanese.

I have a question. I'm ignorant about the green Fuku marks, but are these specific to a certain kiln or is it widely used by different kilns?


Hi Peter, the green fuku mark with black writing was typical of old kutani, and also new Kutani, but this vase has nice age signs, I have also seen this mark on old Kakiemon pottery and porcelain. Im not sure of other potters if they used it of not.