Fish bowl

Started by BethC, Jul 31, 2023, 06:31:44

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Can you tell me about this fish bowl mark? 


This picture is not clearly showing details, but the oval shape of the seal mark makes it seem to be Japanese. The Chinese never used oval seals.


Im not sure, Peter, I have not seen a Japanese mark like this one before.


It might not be a mark in the sense we know it from porcelain, it might be a check mark for something applied with a seal. The oval shape is the most common shape of Japanese seals, personal seals. Circular or square shapes are hardly seen. I can just not see any characters, might be pictorial mark content.
The Chinese do not use seals or seals with that shape at all. They are usually square or round.


You are right, Peter that would fit the Japanese more that the Chinese, plus the bottom is unglazed, that would make it a much later item, Beth could you post a picture of the vase showing the decoration, that to would give us a better clue as to who made it, thanks.