Help with this vase please?

Started by Ianf, Feb 07, 2023, 14:38:39

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Please could you tell me about this vase. I only have these two photos. Is this mark interesting?


Don't get drawn in by marks. They are mostly apocryphal, whether antique or not.

This has a Kangxi mark on a vase that has a 19th century neck decoration and a 20th century painted decoration, in my view.
People's attire, faces, etc. are often period specific, and so are the colors used.
There are two possibilities, this was painted on an old 19th century body, 20th century probably, or the whole body is new (which would be the first time I see a new item one with the two lion pairs on the neck). A look at the bottom and interior of the mouth should show this clearly.

(BTW, back to the mark, a perfect double ring around the mark is always suspicious. Usually there is some thinning of the color or something else that makes the two lines not that uniform in color and/or width.)


Thank you again for your insightful view. Appreciate your work.