Karaak Charger (Chinese?)

Started by smak, Dec 26, 2022, 09:45:19

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Thoughts? I can never distinguish Japanese and Chinese Karaak wares!
38.5cm. or 15.5 inches!

When might this be made?



Not sure. The color is right but...with late Ming I would expect that the foot rim is inclined inwards. You should be able to hook the plate on the fingers. Somehow, this foot rim looks more like Qing dynasty. And, the flowers are a bit different from what I know from Wanli and later Ming wares too.
Could it be Kangxi?


Thanks Peter! Hmmm would these still be exported to Japan at during Kangxi? Color does seem like its more Qing than Ming for sure.


I agree on the question. Color and decoration are Ming in my view but the foot is strange. No kiln grit, no backside decoration and too pristine. On Ming kraak chargers there are almost always defects: kiln grit, glaze retractions and baking flaws.

I don't think they produced 100% kraak ware during the Kangxi period. What you do see is 'kraak style' Kangxi wares but they are clearly different.

That's why I think this is Japanese 17th century. I have seen Japanese chargers without spur marks. Although the foot is often different.

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Hi JjGhandi, I do not think this is a period Japanese foot, I would like to point out the back looks old but the front looks fresh, Is there age signs on the front? and is the outside of the foot straight?


There are several different types of Japanese Kraak. Some are more difficult to recognize. Some were made in the 19th century it seems. In addition, about six other countries also copied Kraak designs. Not an easy to resolve problem, I'm afraid.