does anyone know about this mark

Started by toplaukyab, Jun 12, 2022, 17:04:07

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I have a small bowl with this faded mark at the back. I had to zoom to get this picture. Can any one tell me if this is an antique piece or not.


It is impossible to tell for certain what characters these are.
As for the age, a side view for the shape and a view of the interior/top rim might help. Although the foot rim is the most important for that, the colors used and decoration may also provide hints.


Hello, the font is fuzzy, but it should be "乾隆年制"


You are probably right, but still, the mark is likely apocryphal. Judging by its color tone and condition it looks more like a stamped mark as they were used in about the Tongzhi reign. The normal handwritten marks wouldn't get that faint. The overall view and decoration may tell whether it could be from that period.