Ming Wanli Mark Bowl

Started by smak, Mar 01, 2022, 13:31:48

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Estate sales, is one of the best place to get Antique porcelain, you can search the internet under Estate sales in your area and most of the time they have pictures of what they are selling.


Yes Stan!!! I did not even think of that because we don't have this here and in many other countries. I would love to go to some. But is what they sell mostly authentic?


I sell regularly through Catawiki.
Never had any problems buying or selling worldwide.
Although there are fakes on there as well, but not so many.
Prices can be expensive because you have 9% auction fee plus shipping (as a seller its 15%!).

If you check the auctions often you can really find bargains from time to time.
I picked up some great famille verte Kangxi export plates for a fraction of their value but it is quite rare.

If you're located in Europe, the shipping prices vary from €20-€40 mostly.

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