Chinese rice grain plates

Started by Stan, Mar 25, 2022, 15:41:31

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Hi Peter, I have a set of these plates, nine to be exact, the bottoms look like they could be 18th century but what do you think of the decoration, they are all different.


Here are the last 3 pictures, thanks for your expertise.


Hi Stan,

Differences in decoration may be due to a different batch. Not produced at the same time, but put together for shipping, perhaps. I think this may be late 18th to early 19th century (late Qianlong to Jiaqing) export porcelain.

The painting style is very similar to Qianlong export in style. The other one has not only a different motif but the painting style differs as well. That means it was likely made at another kiln.

With that foot rim there is a relatively narrow window, the rice grain pattern was made from the late Qianlong reign, and this type foot rim could be found until about the Jiaqing reign, if made at Jingdezhen.


Thanks Peter, that is good news, I was not sure about the building structure, is that a temple of some kind, the other plates have similar decorations but they very in size and decoration, thanks again.


Not sure about this. The square shaped building in the center looks like a pavilion. But there are also covered passageways. The latter may indeed appear in a temple complex, but they were also present in large residences. The connect between different buildings.