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Started by maxsachin, Nov 24, 2021, 10:42:45

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I have this vase which is I think appreciation bottle from 1962. I tried to look this chinese mark in google I saw few vases and sold in really good price. I want to know more about this vase and is this authentic vase or fake?

Vase is approx 18 inch tall and flawless. Uniform design and no damage. I tried to put light inside and it was glowing like a lantern. Also once it glow you can see Mao Zedong portrait and some chinese poem or calligraphy. I also see embryo's number starting JS9999 something. Also there is a red national emblem inside. I tried to take picture too.

I want to know more about these vases or anything similar sold in any auction?

Kindly give your input please.



Content of the mark:

Zhongnanhai Huairen Hall
Ceramics Research Institute

I'm afraid this is also not a collectible antique. Colors used in the decoration clearly are 20th century.


Hi Peter,

Thanks for your valuable input but I found this article while searching the red mark... will you please give your opinion on this article as well as my vase.

I am trying to extend the discussion and want to dig more information.

Sachin Gupta


The article is in simplified Chinese and talks about porcelain in connection with Mao and the need for such ceramics.
I believe this may be from the period of the 'cultural revolution when cultural artifacts were considered decadent and even were destroyed. That might be different in China, though. What collectors in general are interested in are antique ceramics or those decorated by famous porcelain painters, not those connected in anyway to political figures, events, etc. This looks much too new for collectors.