Guangxu mark wucai bowl

Started by 2fat2slow, Oct 25, 2021, 16:23:58

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Hi All,

Would be ideal to hear your opinions on my recent purchase. Everything looks good to be true MP? Maybe later RP? Or worst-case scenario, very recent.

Diameter 15cm

Thank you in advance for your kindness and your responses whatever they will be!


Few close-ups.


There is nothing in the decoration that is not congruent with Guangxu. The worm back foot rim and blue mark would however mean it should be official kiln ware, rather than from a private kiln.
The glaze is a bit too glossy. A hands-on inspection and magnification of the glaze would be required to check if the glaze is really old. With this item it is not possible to be sure from pictures.


This is a closely Guangxu bowl in terms of a glaze and colors which I was able to trace down;


This one illustrates the point made regarding the glaze. It has a normal glaze without too much gloss for the period.


The Dragon's tail is rounded instead of pointed, that is a mid 20th century or later dragon, in my opinion.