Chinese and Japanese bowl and cup

Started by Dexter2.0, Sep 27, 2021, 23:11:06

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Good afternoon to you all, I write you because I need some help to find informations about Chinese and Japanese ceramics that my grandmother gave me. Both of them has the a mark. Could you please help me to find something about these marks?
I thank you in advance for your kindness, take care of yourself and have a nice day.
Greetings from Italy!


The Chinese mark is "Yong Tang Hall" used in 1950s ??, may be Peter can help.
Anyway, for an evaluation we need pictures of bottom, side, inside, details, etc.
Same pictures for the Japanese piece.


Hi Dexter, the Chinese mark is spurious, and unfortunately the decoration on the Japanese cup is printed, I think this is much later than the 50's, but as Adriano has stated, we need photo's of the inside on the Japanese cup and complete photo's of both items, Also if you could split these items up and post one at a time in the right section, their is a Chinese discussion board and a Japanese discussion board, it is to confusing when posting multiple items of different backgrounds, thanks.


There is a 福 character in the center of the Japanese mark, meaning 'happiness'. As this was widely used on Japanese porcelain it does tell us nothing about the manufacturer, I believe.