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Started by de munte, May 30, 2021, 04:15:22

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de munte

can someone date this vase for me?

think around 1900?

de munte



Daqing Guangxu Nianzhi mark. This is not export porcelain.

I would not dare say this vase is mark and period for two reasons.
One is that a mentor from whom I learned much many years ago said that dragons twisting like snakes are likely not right.
The other is the top rim decoration. This looks more like the one used in the Yuan dynasty, Ming and Qing dynasty decorations of this type were mostly different, wherea the Ming ones are connected in pairs while BW wares of the Qing dynasty had all connected around the circumference.

The vase shape looks right for the 19th century, though, as does the dragon tail, as do the lion 'ears'. If you can find an authentic vase of the Guangxu reign with a top rim decoration like this I would say ignore the dragon shape.
If there is none, I would consider this doubtful.
The inside of the mouth such vases often shows lots of glaze indents with items of that period. They may be dirty as is the interior down to the bottom (often). These are from firing. A pristine look of the mouth is unlikely, usually.


Thank you Peter for your detailed appraisal.
From my little experience on Guangxu B&W vases, I would like to add two more things.
The bottom rim is normally more rounded, this rim point to Republic period, I think.
There are too much spots of rust; normally they are much inside the neck, but not all around in this quantity.