Opinion in blue and white large bowl

Started by mb1991, Oct 20, 2020, 03:50:36

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Hello all,

Another strange blue and white vase, this time a large bowl with a bit more than 1 feet tall.

The decoration seem blurred and retouched and I have no idea how to evaluate this piece...

Any comments will be appreciated!




This is printed, and without a bottom picture I would say this is 20th century, however the Japanese were printing clear into the 19th century but the decoration looks a little sloppy, a picture of the bottom could verify this.


Hello Stan,

Thanks for the feedback!

Here are the photos:


There are some Chinese decoration elements along the bottom, but overall the impression this makes is Japanese; the upper part looks fairly "un"chinese. It is actually more reminiscent of some dark blue cloth decorations of Japan than anything from China.
Possibly a jardiniere as there is no glaze inside.


Hi Peter, I believe this is a hibachi, usually they are bigger but all the ones I have seen have the same top, I would love to here your opinion as you have lived their, A Japanese friend of mine told me that this is the purpose of these types, I never bought one but had the opportunity several time, they all seem to have transfer printed designs.


You are right, Stan, that is more likely. I didn't even think of that possibility.



Thank you again guys!

it's definitely a hibachi!

"Porcelain hibachi" on google and there is no doubt.

Very interesting! The only ones I knew were made of wood with a copper interior.
This explains the fact that it is not enameled on the inside.

Thank you!