Celadon dish - identification

Started by Veriac, Oct 14, 2020, 00:35:13

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Hello antique lovers :-)

I wish someone could help me identify this nice celadon dish.
What does the marking say? Is it old or new? Any information regarding this lovely dish/plate is welcome!

Thank you in advance.


Beautiful little dish, the mark is upside down, the first Character is Ming, Im not sure about the second mark, but it is not Ming, 20th century in my view, Im not seeing any age signs or anything else to make it older.


明信  Mingxin in mandarin, but we cannot be sure that it is not from another place where Chinese characters are used in names (e.g. Japan, Korea). As Stan indicated, this is recently made. Square dishes that are Chinese and antique are 'mostly' more over 300 years old, and one sees it usually.