Chinese vase identification

Started by tinglao, Aug 31, 2020, 16:14:37

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Hello everybody!

My mother owns this chinese vase.

Could you help me to identify it?

Is 31 cm height.

Thanks a lot!


One additional picture. Thanks!


This was moved here because it is a Japanese Kutani vase. Please wait for others to elaborate on its age.



One friend is chinese and he told me that the mark in the base is in chinese and is the name of the craftsman... and I've scanned it with the Google translator and the characters seem to be:


Gu Zao Ji Tang

Thanks again!


Missed a character...
It is  久谷造  金集堂
The first two characters are the kiln name, namely 'Kutani', the third means 'made'. The next three are a shop/ business name, not a person's or craftsman's name. Your friend does not appear to know that some non-Chinese languages also use Chinese characters (called Kanji 漢字). But they read them differently.


Wow... Japanese! My family always thought that was chinese! Thanks a lot.


The motif shows people in Chinese wear. Nothing strange to think it is Chinese. There is lots of Japanese porcelain with Chinese motifs and marks, antique and newer ones.


Hi all, I would date this to mid 20th century, maybe a little earlier.