Tall Late Qing Vase? Republic?

Started by smak, Aug 30, 2020, 08:33:51

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Im not too sure about this vase, I think its a modern piece but this does look hand painted. Need your thoughts on its age and origin!

Many Thanks,


You are right. It might even be that the vase body is old, from the late Qing dynasty, but the decoration is not. Please note that the 'ears' (this is what the Chinese call the side decorations on the vase neck - they are not handles) has a shape that shows they are newer. They imitate an old shape, but they did never look exactly that way; and they are too thick. They also have a brighter white color, probably indicating that they were added later.
The item imitates Kangxi peonies.

Hand-painting does not mean an item is old. In places like Jingdezhen they are still painting items by hand, even now.


Thanks Peterp! I will use this piece!