Late Qing Vase? 6 character mark

Started by smak, Aug 04, 2020, 09:17:57

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Hi All,

What do you guys think?

When was this made? Im thinking late qing even republic


Almost every week I see items of this type for sale online. Honestly, I'm often tempted to buy one, but in most cases I let them go. Every time I know that it would be a stroke of luck if it was authentic.

I will try to analyze the problems this one might pose:
  1. This one has a color decoration which normally could only be either Kangxi or Guangxu (Kangxi revival) reign, because of the colors used, especially the greens. Otherwise, it would likely be a modern item. I feel that way because this type of color combination is hardly known after the Kangxi revival period, on antique items.
  2. Did you note that the top, including rim, the interior of the mouth, as well as the foot rim look pristine as new, completely without any age or usage signs?
  3. The other problem is the bottom. Despite (2), above, there is a very dirty unglazed area inside the bottom, and a Guangxu reign mark that is partially abraded and of a tone of red which differs from actual period marks. Antique items usually do not get dirty in such places (only), and not blackish.
  4. Is the foot rim glazed? It is not clearly visible in the pictures whether it is.
      - Given it is not, then the rim should resemble more a Guangxu clay consistency. It looks too smooth and white as it is now.
      - If it is glazed, then the item would have been standing on the recessed area inside the foot rim. A very unusual way in those times.
  5. Basically, the bottom is a bit odd in my view. It is deeply recessed, but has a protruding glazed area inside. This type of unglazed ring area between foot rim and glaze bottom would usually be found on brush pots, some jars perhaps, and plates, but not on vases. This is very impractical for production with a deep recess.

I'm afraid there are too many open questions with this item. This sort of item is increasingly being offered on the market, in recen times.


Thanks Peter! As always! I was a little suspicious of this as well! But wanted to know how off this was or why it was off. 303640982060