Quing Dynasty?

Started by samborsu, Apr 21, 2020, 23:04:13

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Hello, Any idea of the period of this plate?


Hi Sambouru, the shape is a Kangxi shape, but the blue decoration is not right for Kangxi 5 shades of blue, the water and land look more Japanese than Chinese, and yes the Japanese did have this shape as well in the 18th century, but for japanese all the examples I have seen had stilt marks on the bottom, this dose not, also the rim edge looks like it was added, not natural, lets see what Peter says.


The painting style is not Chinese, especially the decoration on the rim, but the central motif looks as if it was copying a Chinese style scenery.
The rim seems proportionally wider and the central bowl is too shallow to be of Chinese origin, in my view. Probably made in Japan.


Thank you. Could you give a approximate date (century) when Japanese whre copying this design?


The British Museum has examples Mid 18th century Arita ware, same shape but notice the stilt marks on the bottom and the blue is a different color.



its dutch blue 18 century


I have the doubt that it is faience and not porcelain.
In this case, it is not Oriental, but European production.
Probably Rec is right: it is a Delft Chinoiserie.