Ming Dynasty small plate w/ mark

Started by smak, Apr 11, 2020, 09:49:33

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Was wondering when was this made! What are your thoughts on this? Where was this made specifically? Not for export?


more 6.5 inches!



Possibly Kangxi, with a spurious Xuande mark. Not quite sure, though, due both pro and contra factors present.

The floral decoration under the rim would be typical for Kangxi, but it is normally on the outer rim. However, the blue rings on the underside would not appear on many Kangxi items. The shape of the peony is Kangxi style, but there is no incline of the foot rim is visible. The other problem is the worm back of the foot rim. A worm back would mainly appear on imperial or high quality wares, not on more common items like this. The mark is especially carelessly painted, and it is a Xuande mark, which would be more common on Japanese than Chinese wares. This leads to the shape...the side view looks as if the plate is especially shallow, a bit unlikely for a Kangxi item, unless it is a small dish.

Any possibility that this is later or not Chinese at all?