White Censor

Started by Stan, Mar 20, 2020, 04:05:44

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Hi Peter, I would like to know how old this censor is and if you can read the mark on the bottom, also under a microscope it has large bubbles with not many smaller bubbles around the larger bubbles, no dead bubbles, the size from handle to handle is 16.5 cm also the white glaze is white there is no red in it I guess it is reflecting the red from the cabinet it is siting on, thanks for all your help.


Here are the last of the photo's to view, thanks again.


This looks like a Dehua kiln glaze, but the mark characters are 70% illegible. Unless a similar mark can be found it is difficult to tell more. What is unusual is (1) the type of mark on a Dehua item, and (2) the fact that part of the bottom glaze was removed for the mark. With non-Dehua monochromes usually the glaze covers the mark, and the characters are engraved much deeper. This one was just impressed with a seal stamp.


Thanks Peter, I could not find a mark that matches, so probably not very old.